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Story of a great Indian Mathematician who challenged Einstein’s theory, Theory of Relativity

The great mathematician and computer minded person Vashistha Narayan Singh is no longer among us. He died at the age of 74. Vashistha Narayan was suffering from a disease called schizophrenia for a long time. With his death, India lost Lal, who earned a name in the field of mathematics. But do you know, he also challenged the famous scientist Albert Einstein of his era.

Girls’ math is faster or boys, this was revealed in this research. Read full...

Research has found similar patterns of brain activity for both boys and girls Today, girls are working shoulder to shoulder with boys in every field. There is no doubt about this thing, but there is also the fact that when someone is working with you, your equal, then you are also compared with him.
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रोचक जानकारी: धरती पर जन्म लेने वाला पहला मानव कौन था और किसने उसे...

इस धरती पर जन्म लेने वाला पहला मानव आखिर कौन था। पौराणिक मान्यताओं के अनुसार इस सृष्टि के रचयिता स्वयं भगवान ब्रह्मा थे। आइए जानते हैं इस धरती पर जन्म लेने वाला पहला मानव आखिर कौन था।

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