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OMNI     |     ALL

  • One who is present everywhere —-> Omnipresent
  • 1 who knows everything —-> Omniscient
  • One who is all powerful —-> Omnipotent


  • Killing of One’s sister —-> Sorocide
  • Killing of self or self—->murder —-> Suicide
  • Killing of either or both parents —-> Parricide
  • Killing of one’s brother —-> Fratricide
  • Killing of a human being —-> Homicide
  • Killing/ Murder of a king —-> Regicide
  • Killing of an Infant/ newborn baby —-> Infanticide
  • Killing of a race or community —-> Genocide
  • Killing of one’s father —-> Patricide
  • Killing of one’s mother —-> Matricide
  • Killing of one’s husband —-> Mariticide
  • Killing of one’s wife —-> Uxoricide

Ible    |     Able to be

  • Illegible —-> incapable of being read
  • Inevitable —-> incapable of being avoided
  • Inaudible —-> a sound that cannot be heard
  • Inaccessible —-> that cannot be easily approached
  • Incorrigible —-> incapable of being corrected
  • Irreparable —-> incapable of being repaired
  • Impracticable —-> incapable of being practiced
  • Invincible —-> one, too strong to be overcome
  • Indelible —-> that cannot be erased
  • Indefatigable —-> one, who does not tire easily
  • Infallible —-> one, who is free from all mistakes and failures

Archy       |         Government

A government by few —-> Oligarchy

A government by the people —-> Democracy

A government by a king or queen —-> Monarchy

A government by the officials —-> Bureaucracy

Government by the rich —-> Plutocracy

A government by the nobles —-> Aristocracy

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