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Why Is Everyone Talking About Indian Air force | About Indian airforce from start till now


Why Is Everyone Talking About Indian Air force | About Indian airforce from start till now 

In this article we are providing whole information about Indian Airforce (IAF). Amazing and Interesting history of indian airforce and way of success of this part of Indian Defence. My Career Study will alway try to provide you best content for your education and study. 


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Indian Airforce amazing facts you should know. About Indian Airforce Histroy and Complete Essay.

The journey of the Air Force, which started with just five people, has reached 1,70,000 personal today. The fourth largest Indian Air Force in the world is able to deliver the enemy’s sixes today.
First Squadron in the year 1933
IAF’s first squadron number one was created on 1 April 1933 after its existence in 1932. There were four biplanes and only five pilots in this squadron. At that time IAF pilots were led by Flight Lieutenant Cecil Bashier, the commanding officer of the Royal Airforce.

Indian Air Force formed in 1950

The term ‘Royal’ was associated with the Indian Air Force, formed in 1950, with the Indian Air Force in 1945 because of its contribution to the Second World War. But in the year 1950 it was recognized as the Indian Air Force instead of the Royal Air Force.

First commander in chief

Air Marshal Sir Thomas Walker was the first commander-in-chief of the Ilmhurst Indian Air Force. His tenure was from 15 August 1947 to 21 February 1950. It is the result of Thomas’s efforts that the incomplete air force today is seen as a fighter.

Who were the first chief

Air Marshal Subroto Mukherjee, the first head of the Indian Air Force, was the first Indian Chief of the Indian Air Force. The motto of the Indian Air Force is, ‘Nabh: Parshwan Deepam, that is to touch the sky with pride. Blue, blue, and white are its colors.

Indian Air Force Number 4

Flight Global, an important aviation website, in December 2015 named the Indian Air Force as the fourth most powerful air force in the world. This means that the IAF is on the top five of its list and above it is the Chinese Air Force. But Pakistan Air Force is not named in this list.

200 UAV Airforce

The Indian Air Force, with 200 UAVs, currently has 3 Beerive, A-50 Falcon, AEW & C (Airborne Early Warning and Control) aircraft, 700 Combat jets, seven mid air refueling aircraft, tanker aircraft, 133 transport aircraft, 158 There are training aircraft, 155 utility helicopters and around 200 UAVs.

The king is Sukhoi-30 MKI

Sukhoi 30 MKI is the primary fighter jet of the Indian Air Force. This fighter jet is paired with Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafael, and fighter jets from America’s Best F Series.

Garuda commandos chasing the enemies

The Indian Airforce established a special operational unit in September 2009. Which is today known as Garuda Commando Force. The 1500-person commandos carry out tasks such as the discovery of weapons kept hidden by enemies, working on an advance front in rescue operation, keeping an eye on enemy missiles and radars.

Best aircrafts also fail before IAF

When there was a war between India and Pakistan in the year 65, Pakistan had better fighter jets than the US at that time but despite all this, Pakistan could not stand before the Indian Air Force.

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