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Some important UP GK Questions and Answers 

Q 1. Which district of Uttar Pradesh has the highest rainfall and the lowest in which—->
Ans. Most-Gorakhpur, low -Mathura
Q 2. Uttar Pradesh is divided into total economic zones—->
Ans. 4
Q 3. When was the Planning Commission formed in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. in 1971 AD
Q 4. Uttar Pradesh has bicameral law, what is the first assembly and the other—->
Ans. Legislative council
Q 5. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Sucheta Kripalani
Q 6. Where was the first Handicapped University established in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. In Chitrakoot
Q 7. Which year did Bhatkhande Music Institute, Lucknow Deemed University—->
Ans. in 2001
Q 8. Yamuna Express- Which two cities are between—->
Ans. Agra-Noida
Q 9. What is the establishment day of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. November 1
Q 10. Who has the right to use and exercise all the powers conferred by the Constitution to the State-
Ans. Communist Party

Q 11. Which style of dance is Uttar Pradesh’s contribution—->
Ans. Kathak style
Q 12. When was the second official language of Urdu declared in Uttar Pradesh-
Ans. In the year 1989
Q 13. What is the number of Central Universities in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. 4
Q 14. When did the Uttar Pradesh State Sports Council be formed—->
Ans. In the year 1955-56
Q 15. What is the famous pilgrimage of both Jain and Buddhist religions in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Kaushambi
Q 16. Where is the Nuclear Power Station located in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Naraura
Q 17. What is the season of mustard seed in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Rabi
Q 18. Which industry is famous for Chunar—->
Ans. Cement Industry
Q 19. In which city of Uttar Pradesh, rail coach factory is being set up—-Ans. Rae Bareli

Q 20. When was the planning of District Planning Committees in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. In 1999 AD
Q 21. Chaudhari Charan Singh Stadium is located in which district of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. In Muzaffarnagar
Q 22. Which is the most important cash crop in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Sugarcane
Q 23. Which is the main center of the Radha Swamy vote in Dayal Bagh Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Agra
Q 24. Mathura was the capital of which Mahajanapada—->
Ans. of the Shoresen Mahajanapadas
Q 25. Where were the martyrs in Chandrashekhar Azad encounter—->
Ans. In Allahabad
Q 26. By what name is the meeting place in Ganges Yamuna rivers in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. confluence
Q 27. In which districts of Uttar Pradesh, which is found mainly in red soil—->
Ans. Mirzapur-Sonbhadra
Q 28. Which is the most forested state of Uttar Pradesh—->
Q 29. Uranium is found in which district in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. In Lalitpur
Q 30. When the Electricity Regulatory Commission was formed in Uttar Pradesh-
Ans. In the year 1998

Q 31.Uttar Pradesh is the leading producer of which crop in India—->
Ans. Barley
Q 32. Which is the main center of the match industry in Uttar Pradesh—->Ans. Bareilly

Q 33. When was the decentralized planning system started in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. in 1982-83 AD
Q 34. The famous ‘Dudhwa National Park’ in Uttar Pradesh is located in which district—->
Ans. in Lakhimpur (khari)
Q 35. Which city of Uttar Pradesh is famous as ‘The Town of Gardens’—->
Ans. Lucknow
Q 36. In which state is the tradition of folk songs translated ‘Biraha’, ‘Rasia’, ‘Aalah’—->
Ans. Uttar Pradesh
Q 37. Which is the largest constellation in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. constellation of Gorakhpur
Q 38. Which player of Uttar Pradesh received gold medal for wrestling in the 19th Commonwealth Games—->
Ans. Alka Tomar
Q 39. Where is the oldest museum of Uttar Pradesh situated –
Ans. Lucknow

Q 40. Which city was the summer capital of Uttar Pradesh during the British government—->
Ans. Nainital
Q 41 On what day did the present form of Uttar Pradesh come into existence—->
Ans. November 9, 2001
Q 42. The State President of Uttar Pradesh is called the Governor, who is appointed by him—->
Ans. President
Q 43. Which is the main folk song of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Biraha
Q 44. Which is the largest industry of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. handloom industry
Q 45. What is the location of Uttar Pradesh in the entire country in terms of power generation—->
Ans. eighth
Q 46. Evidence of paddy cultivation has been obtained from which of the neo-stone sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. Koldihwa
Q 47. In 1925, where was the session of the Indian National Congress held in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. in Kanpur
Q 48. Based on the distribution of rainfall, how many climatic zones have been divided into Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. two
Q 49. Which district of the state is affected by erosion of eczema—->
Ans. Etawah
Q 50. How many National Parks are presently in Uttar Pradesh—->
Ans. 1

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